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FAB Bespoke will always do their best to fulfil your needs and meet your goals.


By placing an order with FAB Bespoke, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions below:



1. FAB Bespoke will carry out work where an agreement is provided by email. An 'order' is deemed to be a written contract between FAB Bespoke and the client. Payment terms are strictly 25% of the design fee before work commences, along with any domain and hosting charges, then the remainder upon completion prior to the site going live on your domain. All payments are non-refundable.


2. Due to the hosted design platform we use all sites must be hosted with our hosting company Wix Limited and cannot be transferred to another hosting provider.  FAB Bespoke cannot accept liability for losses caused by the unavailability, malfunction or interruption of this service, or for loss of turnover, sales, revenue, profits or indirect, consequential or special loss.


3. Once your site is live on your domain it is assumed that the project has been completed to your satisfaction. Any additional work is then charged at extra cost.


4. Should you choose the option of having administrative rights to your website you will be able to make changes to your own site and amend content. FAB Bespoke does not accept responsibility for any changes that you make to your site.


5. We require you to submit your own text and images for inclusion on your new website. All text should be divided into sections relevant to your page names. All text and images submitted must be free of copyright and FAB Bespoke accepts no responsibility for any infringement of copyright law arising from any text or images used on your site.


6. We may include plugins on your website to improve the overall user experience on your site. These include but are not limited to contact forms, image slideshows, videos and maps. As these are third party apps hosted by another supplier we cannot accept responsibility for any loss of service or malfunction that may occur. Each third party reserves the right to alter or remove their service and or charge fees if certain usage limits are reached. Customers will be notified prior to such case and would be able to decide whether or not to continue with the service or to find an alternative provider.


8. We reserve the right to include a screenshot of, and link to your completed website on the portfolio page of our website and on any of our social media accounts.


9. All sites can be viewed on laptops and PC’s running the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Mobile optimisation is available at an extra cost of £50.00 for a website.


10. One year’s web hosting and website domain will be purchased for you by FAB Bespoke. Your 12 months hosting begins once your site is live on your domain. Once the first year’s hosting has expired, the customer will be required to renew the hosting themselves via their own account which will be set up by FAB Bespoke for them.


11. All domain names will be registered in the clients name and as such the domain name belongs to the client, not to FAB Bespoke. The domain will be registered for 1 year. If the customer does not renew the services the domain will expire and will be available for general sale.


12. FAB Bespoke excludes liability for any loss of profit caused to the customer by the expiration of the domain name as a result of a technical fault or any other fault caused by the hosting company or any third party.


13. All sites have a total of 3GB of data storage and 2GB band width. 3GB should be more than enough for a 5 page bespoke website. All sites also include a customised favicon. (Favicons are those little icons that get displayed in the address bar of every browser.)


14. Website drafts will be created based on the design brief and information provided by the customer. If the design brief changes significantly after the first draft has been created a support charge for any additional work may be applied.


15. If the customer opts to have SEO options applied to their website at an extra cost of £50.00, FAB Bespoke will do everything we can to achieve good results with search engines.  However, due to external factors we cannot offer any guarantees regarding the search engine position we will achieve for websites. We cannot accept liability for any change in rankings, or drop off in the position of your website due to changes in the algorithms of the search engines or the factors that they use to rank websites.


16. FAB Bespoke reserve the right to refuse to handle in any way, material which may be deemed offensive, illegal or controversial.



​1. The figures in your invoice are the minimum estimates for the project - the final amount payable will only increase if I have to pay any expenses on your behalf, such as purchase images and add on's, and any changes to the project scope (all of these are explained below). If there’s no change to the project scope,  the final amount payable will not differ from my initial invoice.

2. I will do my best to meet the project deadlines outlined in the quote. That said, my ability to do this depends on you giving me everything I need to complete the project in the format that I need it, as and when I need it. You’ll review my work and provide feedback and approval in a timely manner too, but please recognise that creativity does not follow a schedule and a request such as logo design can sometimes take slightly longer to create to perfection.


3. You agree to stick to the payment schedule outlined in the initial invoice, and to pay further invoices in accordance with the terms stated on the invoice.   

4. I provide up to four (4) rounds of amendments to my work at no extra charge, as long as the changes requested do not substantially alter the original project scope, nature or purpose; and as long as you have not already given me your final approval for the piece of work concerned. Any other kinds of amendments are considered a change in the project scope, and charged at my standard hourly rate.

5. You can cancel at any time, by informing me in writing at least one (1) month in advance.  

Likewise, Studio Spence can cancel any time, by informing you in writing at least one (1) month in advance.


Cancellation does not affect any benefit or right that you or I become entitled to beforehand. So regardless of cancellation, you will pay for any outstanding invoices and for work already done but not yet invoiced. 


6. For graphic design projects, I will deliver to you the digital files after final approval and all outstanding invoices have been paid.


7. For website development projects, all files that are required for the website to function properly will be implemented and launched after final approval, and after all outstanding invoices have been paid.

8. If I have designed a trademark (in logo and/or tagline form) as part of your project, then, as far as the trademark is concerned:


  • Upon payment of all outstanding invoices for the project, and in exchange for such payment, I assign to you all right, title and interest in the trademark.


  • In exchange, you grant me a royalty-free and permanent licence to use representations of the designs and tagline in my portfolio (in all types of media), as a sample of my past works, in trade publications, educational material, to promote my business, and for competitions.


  • You’ll be entirely responsible for making sure the designs and tagline are free for you to use and register as a trademark, and that they don’t infringe anyone else’s rights - I cannot and do not accept any liability for these matters. I will sign any documents that are reasonably needed to confirm or evidence that you own the designs, provided you bear any legal and other fees that are incurred by either you or me in the process.


For all other deliverables created:


  • Upon payment of all outstanding invoices for the project, and in exchange for such payment, I grant you a royalty-free licence to use the deliverables for the uses stated in the quotation, without any changes or additions (except that you can make the designs smaller or larger for printing or display purposes).


  • I remain the owner of all rights in the deliverables in draft and final form, as well as of the works used to create them (except for materials that you provided, or that are owned by third parties), and are free to use them in future.

9. As a project progresses, you may have new ideas which you want to implement, Please Inform me of the changes or additions as soon as possible, and if they are not already provided for in the existing invoice, I will provide a separate quotation to cover them - usually charged at my hourly rate of £40 per hour.

10. You will reimburse me for any costs incurred in order to complete your project, including charges for bespoke email addresses, domain purchase, photography etc.  I will inform you of these charges as soon as possible so you know exactly what was involved. 

11. I may purchase or license from third party vendors materials used in your project (including source code, software programs, bespoke applications, photographs, illustrations etc.). Where we license such material, the intellectual property rights in the licensed material remain the property of the third party vendors. 

12. If, at any stage, you’re not happy with the direction the work is taking, and feel that you would prefer not to proceed further, you’ll pay in full for everything produced until that point and cancel this contract.


​13. I am not responsible for writing any text copy.

14. You should supply photographs in a high resolution digital format. If you choose to buy stock photographs I can suggest stock libraries. If you’d like me to search for a selection of photographs for you, I can provide a separate estimate for this service.

15. Software and fonts used for the project remain the property of FAB Bespoke and will not be released to you. Likewise, project raw files will not be supplied.

16. Where you provide materials in the course of the project, you guarantee that you own them or have been given permission to use them. Ownership of these materials will remain with you (or the persons who licensed them to you) at all times. You grant me a royalty-free licence to use them for the project and to retain copies in our business records.I will not be responsible for any damage or consequences if the materials you provided infringe someone else’s rights or are unlawful or illegal. You will indemnify me and pay for all damages, costs, fees, expenses and legal fees on an indemnity basis that I incur due to your materials being infringing, unlawful or illegal in any country.

17. In the unlikely event that any invoice is not paid on time, I may charge a late fee amounting to five per cent (5%) of the amount owing for every seven (7) days that it remains unpaid. I may also choose to cancel the project immediately, suspend work till payment is received (including stopping ongoing work, removing unpaid material, and taking down the website), and/or take legal action to recover fees and any charges for doing so.


18. All originally created deliverables, including trademark logos and tagline, in draft and final form, are wholly owned by FAB Bespoke prior to full payment of the final project invoice by you. This means that if the project is cancelled before completion, I retain ownership of everything, and no rights are granted to you to use them.


19. I will always use my best efforts to prevent errors and omissions from occurring in web page and designed information. If such errors or omissions occur, please notify me, and I will correct them.

​20. “Confidential Information” means information that is marked as secret or confidential, or which, based on the circumstances in which it was disclosed, ought to be treated as confidential.

In the course of this project, I may receive from you (and you from me) Confidential Information. If either you or I receive from the other Confidential Information, the receiving party agrees to keep the Confidential Information secret, ensure that its agents and employees keep it secret, and not disclose it to any other person, organisation or entity (unless absolutely necessary).

However, the receiving party may use or disclose Confidential Information received from the other in order to comply with a court order, law or regulation, direction of a governmental or statutory authority. The receiving party may also use or disclose Confidential Information that entered the public domain due to no fault of that party, or that was disclosed to the receiving party by another source lawfully and without any obligation of confidentiality.

21. While my aim is to deliver top quality and client satisfaction, there are some things we are unable to accept responsibility for.

I cannot and do not promise or guarantee that services or products purchased or licensed from third party vendors will be free from interruption or failure or that they will remain available for use for any specific period.

I will not be liable to you for lost profits or other special or consequential damages of any kind, nor will I be liable to you for direct damages unless caused by my gross negligence or fraud. The maximum damages payable to you in any event will not exceed the amount of fees actually invoiced and paid in connection with the project in question.

Specifically, I will not be responsible or liable to you for damages or loss caused by:
    - your use of the designs and deliverables in ways that are not covered by the licences granted;
    - anything done by myself upon your instructions, or using material you provided;
    - any breach of these terms and conditions by you;
    - any legal, governmental, contractual or other approvals that were required but which you did not obtain,

and you will keep me indemnified for all damages, costs, fees, expenses and legal fees on an indemnity basis that I incur due to any of these specific actions and omissions.

22. Neither you nor I shall be liable for failure to perform our part of the contract, if the failure is due to force majeure events (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, natural disaster, war, civil war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities, rebellion, terrorist activity, government sanction, change of law, strike, sabotage, interruption or failure of electricity service, interruption or failure of transport networks or other public utilities, interruption or failure of Internet or other communication service).

23. I am an independent contractor and not your employee, and thus, any laws by which ownership of copyright in works created by an employee is automatically transferred to the employer do not apply.


24. If for some reason part of this contract becomes unenforceable or invalid, the remaining parts will be unaffected.


By expressing your confirmation in writing to go ahead (on paper or in electronic form), you agree to all the terms and conditions of this contract, which is effective from the most recent date that appears in the signing page or email.

FAB Bespoke may amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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